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Shub & Johns Attorney appointed Interim Co-Lead Counsel in Azura Vascular Care Consolidated Class Action

A Pennsylvania court recently appointed Shub & Johns LLC Partner, Benjamin F. Johns – along with Co-Counsel – as Interim co-Lead Counsel in a consolidated ...
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Parties in East River Medical Imaging Data Breach suit ask Court to Approve $1.85M Settlement

East River Medical Imaging Data Breach East River Medical Imaging (“East River” or “ERMI”), a New York-based healthcare imaging provider, experienced a cyber security incident ...
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Shub & Johns appointed Interim Co-Lead Counsel in McLaren Health Class Action

A Michigan court recently appointed Shub & Johns, along with co-counsel, as Interim co-Lead Counsel in a consolidated class action lawsuit McLaren Health Care Corporation ...
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Court grants Preliminary Approval of $6.49M Settlement in CorrectCare Data Breach Case

CorrectCare Data Breach CorrectCare Integrated Health, LLC (“CorrectCare”), a Kentucky-based medical claims processor, experienced a cybersecurity incident that compromised private health and identification information for ...
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Washington Federal Judge Denies Motion to Dismiss TCPA Class Action Case

A Washington State federal judge denies defendant’s motion to dismiss in a class action lawsuit case alleging TCPA violations after determining that previous state law ...
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Plaintiffs reach $2M settlement with Unilever in Antiperspirant litigation

On March 7, 2024, An Illinois Federal Court granted preliminary approval of a class wide settlement in a class action case against Unilever United States ...
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