We Are Shub & Johns

Shub & Johns Team. From left to right: Jonathan Shub, Samantha E. Holbrook, Benjamin F. Johns, and Andrea Bonner

Shub & Johns LLC is a Pennsylvania-based class action firm that represents aggrieved individuals across the nation. From deceptive practices and false advertising to data breaches to defective products, Shub & Johns tackles down big corporations and companies on behalf of everyday consumers!

Despite being a small firm, Shub & Johns Partners, Jonathan Shub, Benjamin F. Johns, and Samantha E. Holbrook have decades of experience behind them and know how to navigate the fast-paced class action realm. 

About the Firm

Shub & Johns is a Pennsylvania-based class action firm founded in June 2020 by seasoned litigator Jonathan Shub. Despite its start during turbulent times, the firm maneuvered itself through the class action realm. In November of 2022, Shub brought in friend, colleague, and soon-to-be co-founder of Shub & Johns LLC, Benjamin F. Johns.

Shub & Johns notoriety quickly increased, with its expanding class action practice and the addition of Partner Samantha E. Holbrook in 2023. With a growing team and class action practice, is rapidly becoming a known name among much larger class practices with only a fraction of the size. Shub & Johns may be a young firm with a fresh face, but we know how to fight for the little guy.

Justice. Takes. Work

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Results. Take. Grit

What We Do

Shub & Johns is a class action law firm that specializes in consumer protection encompassing different areas of consumer law. Though Shub & Johns has recently litigated different data breach cases, our attorneys have litigated various types of cases including product defects, privacy violations, false advertising, and more.

Class action is more than just a $2 check in the mail. Many companies are accused of violating the law every year, and we work hard to make sure consumers’ rights are not violated any further! Plaintiffs involved in class action cases help show exactly how companies may be taking advantage of everyday consumers. These consumers face hardships every day, our firm is happy to bring the law down on these corporations so you don’t have to!

Team Photo: From Left to Right: Jonathan Shub, Andrea Bonner, Samantha Holbrook, and Benjamin Johns

More than a Firm!

Shub & Johns is comprised of a small team of attorneys and support staff. Our team may not be as big as others in the class action realm, but with us on your side, its easy to make matters personal! Every day, Shub & Johns attorneys and support staff work with clients, prospective leads, and individuals who are just looking for some help! We understand that litigation is a lengthy and confusing process, that’s why the Shub & Johns team is here to walk and talk you through it!

With decades of experience and working alongside other attorneys, the Shub & Johns Partners know how
to work together to get justice for the masses. We’ll make it personal on your behalf!
Rely on Shub & Johns to be more than just another law firm. 

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