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Careful! It’s a TRAP
Training Repayment Provisions are plaguing the Modern-Day Workforce

Many would believe that being trained to do your job correctly is a part of the onboarding process, but some employers would consider training new …

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New California Bill Strives for Actionable Gun Reform

The divide on gun regulation has plagued American politics for years, but with gun violence exponentially increasing over the last decade, more Americans want to …

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Six Things All Employees Should Know about the WARN Act

On March 18th, 2020, US Well Services issued notices of immediate termination to hundreds of employees. The Texas-based fracking business cited the effects of the …

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Do Kwon and Terraform Labs Hit with Lawsuit after LUNA Crypto Crash

If the Cryptocurrency world is the Wild West, then Do Kwon – CEO of Terraform Labs – is a travelling salesman peddling TerraForm’s blockchain ecosystem …

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Justice is Coming for Camp Lejeune Survivors

Summer is a time for scary stories told around a campfire. But while most scary stories are fictitious and based on folklore, this one is …

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Be Wary – Your Cosmetics May Have Harmful Chemicals 

Often times when searching for a new hair or skin product, we jump at the one that smells the best or comes at an affordable …

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