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College Banking Agreements Set Students Back

Institutions of higher education, like colleges and universities, play an important role in shaping young minds. And where students need help, these institutions often offer ...
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Scammers Easily Siphon your Money through Zelle

Instant payment apps have taken the world by storm over the last few years. Whether you’re paying back a close friend or transferring money to ...
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Employee Advocacy Groups Combat Employer-Driven Debt

Shub Law recently reported on emerging contractual obligations set in place by employers known as Training Repayment Agreement Provisions. Yes – TRAPs! These TRAPs can ...
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Settlement under CCPA Sets Precedent for Privacy

A settlement was reached in August 2022 between cosmetics giant, Sephora USA, Inc., and the California Attorney General. The Attorney General’s office alleged that Sephora ...
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Careful! It’s a TRAP
Training Repayment Provisions are plaguing the Modern-Day Workforce

Many would believe that being trained to do your job correctly is a part of the onboarding process, but some employers would consider training new ...
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New California Bill Strives for Actionable Gun Reform

The divide on gun regulation has plagued American politics for years, but with gun violence exponentially increasing over the last decade, more Americans want to ...
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