Doorbell Camera Owners, like Ring, are Alerted of Potential Privacy Violations

zoom into a doorbell camera, whose eye is looking right at the viewer.

A recent settlement between the Federal Trade Commission and is agreed upon after allegations of Amazon violating privacy rights through their Ring doorbell camera units. This settlement, alleging both children’s privacy violations and data collection practices, could lead to consumers worrying what information of theirs is at risk.

These days, consumers rely on doorbell cameras of all types to keep their household safe. But with issues surfacing about’s Ring doorbells and allegations asserting that former employees have spied on indoor cameras, consumers and users may feel more at risk with the camera than without.

Other tech companies could be at risk when collecting and keeping data, and may be violating user privacy and children’s privacy policies. The FTC is clear in holding these big tech companies liable for putting profits over consumer protection.

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