Benjamin F. Johns Speaks with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about the Medical Data Breach Epidemic

Data Breaches in the Healthcare Industry

From health insurance companies to hospitals and healthcare systems, data breaches in the healthcare industry have increased significantly. Healthcare networks are expected to abide by federal law and keep patients’ confidential information protected.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette recently reported on this uptick in healthcare data breach incidents and spoke with Shub & Johns attorney, Benjamin F. Johns, on why cybercriminals may be attacking healthcare networks and putting individuals across the nation at risk.

Mr. Johns believes that this increase in data breach incidents may be due to the value of Personal Identification Information (PII) and Patient Health Information (PHI) on the dark web. This sensitive information is worth something to the cybercriminals who continue to find ways to attack companies systems and networks.

“That’s the reason why we’re seeing people do this in the first place,” said Mr. Johns. “It has economic value.”

Affected by a Data Breach?

Cybersecurity incidents can severely affect the consumers involved. Unknowing consumers trusted large institutions and companies with their private information, expecting them to possess the bandwidth to secure their sensitive data. Once impacted by a data breach, some of these consumers experience identity theft or other attempts at fraud and have to take steps on their own to protect their data.

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Pictured: Benjamin F. Johns. Text: Benjamin F. Johns speaks on Data Breaches
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