Honda Accords may be Experiencing Malfunctions with Automatic Braking System

mechanic looks at the batter of the vehicle.

Shub & Johns LLC launches investigation into 2022-2024 models of the Honda Accord after consumers complain of possible issues surrounding the automatic emergency brake system.

Owners and drivers of the Honda Accord have taken to online forums to voice their concerns with 2022 – 2024 models of the Accord due to issues many people are experiencing with the automatic braking system. Some drivers have claimed that the vehicle’s emergency braking system brings the vehicle to a halt very suddenly and with little warning and without reason. Similarly, the automatic braking system will alert the vehicle of impeding or oncoming traffic when there is nothing in front of the vehicle, activating the braking system. If the vehicle’s emergency braking system turns on without warning, it could potentially lead to accidents or even greater risks on the road.

It is reported that these issues have occurred in various conditions, whether on cruise control, on empty roads or even on busy intersections. While several customers have reported this issue with their Honda Accord, there does not seem to be a remedy to this point.

Do you own a 2022 – 2024 Honda Accord and have experienced similar issues with the vehicle’s automatic emergency braking system? Let us know! Join Shub & Johns investigation today by completing the attached form.

Honda Accord ABS Intake Form