Bleame may be Scamming Customers with their Deceptive “Free-Trial” Practices

Man typing credit car number into computerShub & Johns LLC is investigating claims against Bleame, A California-based company that sells beauty products. Bleame offers a 30 day risk-free trial with the purchase of its beauty products. This 30 day risk-free trial claims to refund the full amount of the product’s purchase if the item is defective, doesn’t work as intended,
or is just not wanted.

However, customers have experienced that this risk-free trial may not be risk free and Bleame might not refund the customer at all or refund only 50% of the item’s purchase amount. This 50% refund amount is also purported to take 20-40 days.


Bleame’s alleged deceptive billing practices are flat out wrong. Laws throughout the nation protect against deceptive free return schemes like the one Bleame allegedly employs.

The attorneys at Shub & Johns are here to help consumers fight back against companies who commit deceptive practices like Bleame. We protect consumers against companies that allegedly scam customers in order to increase their profits. Let’s fight back!


If you or someone you know has purchased any Bleame products and attempted to receive a purported risk free refund and did not do so, please contact us via email at Please complete the contact form on this page or contact us at 610-477-8380 or

Shub & Johns is a national leader in representing consumers, just like you, who have been scammed by big companies that put profit over their customers. Our experienced class action attorneys are here to help you get justice. Contact us now! All consultations are free of charge.


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