Problems with Kia and Hyundai Headlights

One car behind another, both with dim headlights.

Kia Telluride owners and Hyundai Palisade owners may relate to this!

An issue involving the dimness of these vehicles headlights is making it difficult for some drivers to see.  Some of these vehicles headlights are either poorly illuminated or aren’t working at all. That’s dangerous for drivers!

Attorneys at Shub Law seek to bring about a class action case against Kia and Hyundai and hold them accountable for their negligent manufacturing, and helping many drivers and car owners along the way.

Anyone who owns or is leasing a 2020-present Kia Telluride or 2021-present Hyundai Palisade and has also had issues with the vehicles headlights are encouraged to contact Shub Law today!

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