New York Venues Potentially Hiding Total Price Prior to Checkout


Shub & Johns launches investigation into New York entertainment venues that are reportedly in violation of the New York Arts and Cultural Affairs Law by failing to display the total price per ticket before check out.

Government Agencies have been cracking down on entertainment venues and transportation and lodging services from charging “hidden fees.” While there is no federal law currently in place to reduce or prevent these industries from smacking consumers with deceptive fees during the checkout process, some states like New York have implemented their own laws to crack down on deceptive fees for entertainment venues.

Despite the law taking effect in 2022, some venues such as Rockefeller Center, The Bronx Zoo, and Legoland New York are still failing to advertise the final ticket price before checkout. Pursuant to the New York Arts and Cultural Affairs Law, ticket sellers must disclose the total price of tickets, “inclusive of all ancillary fees that must be paid in order to purchase the ticket … prior to the ticket being selected for purchase.”

With the full ticket price withheld from consumers before entering the checkout page, ticket purchasers may feel deceived or shocked when they finally see their final transaction. Consumers may also be concerned by what they are paying for – many of these additional fees are ambiguously labeled as “processing,” “convenience,” or “booking” fees.

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