Lee Enterprises Violates Subscriber Privacy

A top down angle of three people sitting on a couch, pointing at prices and products on a laptop.
Lee Enterprises Media may be violating subscribers’ content privacy!

You wouldn’t expect a local news outlet or newspaper courier to be handing out your information to anyone who asks. More and more media companies and news outlets, like Lee Enterprises, are taking subscriber viewing preferences and sharing the information with other media outlets and companies. You may be watching a video about puppies and the next thing you know you start receiving ads about pet toys and dog food.

Some of the content we consume on the internet is private and sensitive, and when we subscribe to a platform we tend to trust them not to share the things we see on their site. Companies should not be getting comfortable treating their subscribers like this. These practices violate federal law, and consumers should be on the look out.

If you are a subscriber to Lee Enterprises and worry that your viewing preferences are being shared with other companies, fill out the form below and tell your story to Shub Law today!