VPPA Violations Investigation

columns and rows of surveillance cameras all staring at a single location.
These ads are a little too targeted, aren’t they?

If you’ve subscribed to a website and have consumed some of the content they offer, you might believe that only you know what you’re watching. Sadly, sometimes other people are tuning in too.

The VPPA (Video Privacy Protection Act) is meant to discourage companies from taking user and subscriber data and sharing it with third parties without the user’s consent. But many websites have violated this federal law by disclosing user identities and video-viewing preferences to advertisers such as Meta.

Many individuals are upset by this! Where users have previously watched videos leisurely, they now worry their information is being kept track of. This is especially worrisome when the content users view is sensitive to their health, lifestyle, or even finances.

Have you noticed any ads relating to the videos you’ve watched online? That website might be violating the VPPA. Fill out the form below to learn more about this issue from a Shub Law team member.


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