P320 Pistols are Possibly Firing on their own, causing Injuries to Owners

Shub & Johns takes on an investigation into the SIG Sauer P320 Pistols as many owners, including police officers, claim that the gun is firing without any individual pulling the trigger.

SIG P320s may be firing on their own

The P320 is a popular handgun owned by many Americans, and a variant of the handgun is a standard firearm issued to every branch of the United States Military. This firearm can be a source of protection when used for safety purposes, but recent reports have indicated that the pistol may be firing on its own.

Some owners of the P320 pistol have heard loud bangs, with some owners being direct victims of the guns malfunction. Since 2016, at least 80 individuals have been wounded in unprompted shootings caused by the P320 firearm. The error in the P320 can possibly be due to a manufacturing oversight, resulting in potential harm to any owner.

What to do about the P320

Do you own a SIG Sauer P320 Pistol and are worried this may happen to you or have already suffered or experienced harm from this weapon? Fill out the contact form today to speak with Shub & Johns about your experience.


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