Airbag Issues Found in Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Airbag deployed in an empty car.
Are your Airbags too Responsive?

Mitsubishi Owners have been noticing an issue with their vehicle’s airbags. They’re too sensitive. The 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross contain airbag sensors that many find too sensitive to be included in the vehicle.

Often, vehicle owners and car enthusiasts would be pleased with reliable airbags, but there are a couple issues that can arise from this. Complaints have come to light about the vehicle’s airbag sensors activating after even the lightest object, like cell phones, are placed in the passenger seat. Now that the airbag light has turned on, not only does your car ring endlessly until your phone puts on its seatbelt, but now you run the risk of the airbag deploying unexpectedly.

Airbags fly at rapid speeds and have the potential to hurt someone just as much as save them. An unexpected airbag deployment due to a touchy sensor can cause real injury! On top of that, losing an airbag due to sensitive activation can leave the next passengers incredibly vulnerable.

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