Magellan Defective LeadCare Blood Tests – Shub & Johns Investigates

Shub & Johns LLC investigates accusations against Magellan Diagnostics after a 2017 recall alerts consumers of defective lead testing devices. LeadCare Blood tests taken between 2006 and 2017 may have supplied inaccurate or even false results, leaving thousands of individuals and patients at risk. The company was accused of discovering and covering up these issues with their lead testing devices in 2013.

Three tubes for blood samples.

These LeadCare testing devices were widely used in doctors’ offices, clinics, testing laboratories and hospitals across the United States.  The Magellan Diagnostics devices that may have been defective include:

  • LeadCare Ultra
  • LeadCare II
  • LeadCare Plus

Lead testing is no joke! Chlidren exposed to lead can experience problems in development and individuals with prolonged and continued exposure can also experience issues. Defective tests that may relay inaccurate or false data can place an unnecessary and avoidable risk on these individuals, one that Magellan Diagnostics should have been aware of.

If you took a Magellan Diagnostics-manufactured LeadCare Blood Test Kit between 2006 and 2017 and worry that your results may have been inaccurate or have concerns that your test was defective, fill out the attached form and contact Shub & Johns today!

LeadCare Defective Testing Devices Intake Form

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