Vehicle Infotainment System Issues

A car's infotainment system sits on the dashboard.
Your Infotainment system might not be cutting it!

Car companies are adopting touch screen displays with intelligent infotainment systems that are meant to make a driver’s experience on the road a breeze. But more and more infotainment systems are malfunctioning!

Whether the screen turns off, or the navigation can’t function properly, a faulty infotainment system can seriously affect a driver on the road. These devices are supposed to take worries off the road, not add onto them. If a hands-off display starts to glitch, attempting to fix it can put you in danger!

Many vehicle makes and models have experienced this issue, but car manufacturers don’t seem to be taking action.

If you believe your vehicle’s infotainment system is malfunctioning, fill out the form below and a Shub Law team member will follow up on your story!

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