2022 Honda Accord Flawed Breaking System

A black car sits on a lift at the mechanic shop.
Consumers need to be wary of these issues with the Honda Accord!

Consumer complaints have highlighted the safety risks that have become prevalent with the 2022 Honda Accord’s automatic braking system. From malfunctions to confusions, drivers and Honda owners have noticed the vehicle begin to brake by itself during hazardous moments. Drivers sometimes rely on the automatic braking system to prevent an incident on the road, but as more complaints arise the braking system could be the cause of these worrisome events.

Many drivers have noted that the automatic braking system will activate out of nowhere, stopping on the highway with traffic looming behind them. Drivers have come close to being rear ended or potentially fatal encounters because of this issue.

Some Honda dealerships have chalked the incidents up to debris on the road activating the sensors, but there will always be debris on the road. A safety measure should not become a safety risk.

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