Illinois BIPA Violations Investigation

A spotlight illuminates a man sitting in the theater. There is no one sitting around him.
Some of your favorite venues might be scanning your face!

Have you heard of the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA)? Illinois prevents businesses and organizations from collecting biometric data without consent from the individuals involved. So then why are some facilities scanning your face?

Some organizations and businesses have banned people from entering their facilities. Recently someone showing up to the Chicago Theatre was escorted out after security matched their identity to someone who was not allowed in the venue. But how did they know? They likely relied on biometric technology to find the person who shouldn’t have been there.

Biometrics can consist of fingerprints, face scans, or other biological information that distinguishes one person from another. Businesses in Illinois can’t obtain these without the individual’s consent. Many people showing up to these venues don’t sign a waiver consenting to the retention of their biometric data. Venues, like the Chicago Theatre, must have scanned through a lot of faces to find the one person who shouldn’t have been there.

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