Business Interruption

If you are a business owner, you know that you have to be prepared for the unexpected: a fire, the fury of nature in the form of a flood, tornado or hurricane, one disgruntled customer, or a break in the supply chain. These are the reasons why businesses get contingent business interruption insurance: it protects you and your business from loss of income when operations must cease because of a disaster-related closing.

While the unexpected is exactly why a business gets this kind of insurance, many are now facing a disaster few could have foreseen in the COVID-19 pandemic. Following the SARS outbreak, many insurers added an exclusion for viruses as a covered peril. This exclusion is, at best, vague. Your insurance company may not have even given you the option to purchase additional coverage.

If you have been denied a claim because of a shutdown due to coronavirus or any other legitimate reason—after you have dutifully paid your business interruption insurance premiums—you may be able to sue your insurer for damages.

How we can help you get your claim paid

Our experienced business interruption claims attorneys have successfully obtained the justice they deserve when they have been dealt with unfairly by their insurance company. Our clients know they can count on us for a thorough knowledge of insurance laws, a high degree of communication and client-centric service, and, most of all, a commitment to getting them the best possible outcomes. We have helped clients in a range of wrongfully denied business interruption insurance (also called business income coverage) claims, and helped them get the coverage to which they are entitled for:

  • Loss of revenue/loss of profits
  • Fixed costs/operating expenses
  • Employee wages
  • Relocation costs
  • Taxes

In this especially difficult time, we are with you every step of the way and will fight to get your denied claim paid, including COVID-19 claims. Do not assume that just because your insurer that pandemic-related claims are not covered that it is true. We investigate all avenues of compensation, including liability insurance, worker’s compensation and other types of coverage that could be triggered.

We are available to help with your COVID-19 claim

Individual and class-action lawsuits related to the coronavirus are unfolding almost daily, including those surrounding debt relief, banking, travel, Cares Act/PPP, membership and subscriptions, and product pricing and labeling. If you feel you have been unfairly, wrongly, or fraudulently treated as a result of COVID-19, we can help.

Don’t let your insurance company deny your legitimate business interruption claim

If your claim has been denied, talk to us. We fight for your rights, for your livelihood, and for the survival of your business. To discuss your case with one of our skilled lawyers, please call us at 610.477.8380 or contact us at


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