Jonathan Shub appointed as Interim Class Counsel in Unilever Benzene Case

A United States Court for the Northern District of Illinois granted Plaintiffs’ Motion to Appoint Interim Class Counsel on June 1, 2023 in a class action matter against Unilever alleging certain products to contain excessive amounts of benzene. Shub & Johns’ Partner, Jonathan Shub, has been appointed interim co-lead counsel in the litigation.

Firm Graphic with image of Jonathan Shub. TEXT: Jonathan Shub Appointed Interim Co-Lead Counsel

The case is captioned Barnes et al v. Unilever United States Incorporated, No. 1:2021-cv-06191. Continue reading to learn more.

Unilever’s Suave Antiperspirant May Contain Benzene

In January 2022, Shub & Johns LLC filed a class action lawsuit against Unilever, after an independent laboratory tested various types of antiperspirant products, and found that Unilever aerosol products, namely, Suave 24-hour Protection Powder and Suave 24-hour Protection Fresh antiperspirants, contained excessive levels of benzene.

Benzene is a highly dangerous carcinogenic impurity that can lead to leukemia and other cancers. Because benzene – an elementary petrochemical used in industrial processes to make plastics, resins, and other materials –  is sometimes unavoidable, The FDA has highly regulated and restricted the use and exposure of benzene.

Because high level exposure of benzene can be quite dangerous to humans, Unilever should have been known their products were contaminated with the carcinogen before marketing, distributing, and selling these products. Instead, consumers were left to purchase misrepresented products that posed a threat to their Health.

Consolidation and Appointment of Class Counsel

In March 2022, the Court granted Plaintiff’s motion to consolidated class action cases against Unilever for matters involving Suave antiperspirant aerosol products containing benzene.

 On June 1, 2023, the Court granted Plaintiff’s Motion to Appoint Interim Class Counsel, and Shub & Johns Partner and Founder, Jonathan Shub, was named Interim Co-Lead Counsel, along with co-counsel on the case.

View the Judge’s Order granting Plaintiff’s Motion to Appoint Interim Class Counsel below:

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