As the end of 2022 approaches, Shub Law has made a strong step forward into the Data Breach litigation practice space.

With the assistance of new attorney Benjamin F. Johns, since the end of November Shub Law has filed four class action lawsuits related to data mismanagement and breaches on behalf of aggrieved consumers. In at least one case, Shub Law was the first firm to file an action against a bad-acting entity. Additionally, of the cases Shub Law is involved in, two of the matters concern some of the largest healthcare data breaches suffered in 2022.1

Shub Law has recently filed actions related to Data Breaches against:

  • Connexin Software, Inc. d/b/a Office Practicum, a Pennsylvania company that provides pediatric-specific health information IT solutions, with 2.2 million people affected by the breach – one of the largest data breaches occurring this year;
  • Wright & Filippis, Inc., a Michigan company that specializes in the design and manufacture of prosthetics, orthotics, and accessibility solutions, with 877,584 people affected by the breach;
  • CorrectCare Integrated Health, LLC, a Kentucky company that processes medical claims for corrections facilities, with 500,000 people affected by the breach; and
  • Wing Financial Services LLC, an Oklahoma company that provides tax preparation services as a franchisee of Jackson Hewitt, with 240,772 people affected by the breach;
  • Gateway Rehabilitation Services, Inc., a Pennsylvania company that provides rehabilitation and recovery services for individuals with substance use disorders and dependency disorders in the greater Pittsburgh region, with 130,000 people affected by the breach.

Additionally, Shub Law is litigating a matter against OneTouchPoint Corp., whose healthcare-related data breach affects 4.11 million patients and is the largest healthcare data breach occurring this year, and in data breach litigation against Keystone Health, a nonprofit, in which 235,237 individuals’ data was affected. Attorney Johns is leading the charge at Shub Law and for these cases, as part of the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee in OneTouchPoint, and as interim co-lead counsel in Keystone.

Shub Law has prided itself on fighting for the little guy, and aggressively pursuing bad actors on behalf of those without a voice. As data breaches rise in number, Shub Law will continue fighting for all patients and consumers whose information was wrongfully exposed in incidents like the ones listed here.


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