Shub & Johns Attorney Appointed Interim Co-Lead Counsel in Community Health Systems Lawsuit

A Tennessee Court granted Plaintiffs’ Motion to Consolidate class action matters related to Community Health Systems after a data breach exposed patients’ private health and identification information. The Court also designated Shub & Johns’ Partner Benjamin F. Johns to serve as interim co-lead counsel in the data security litigation.

The case is captioned In re Community Health Systems, Inc. Data Security Litigation, No. 3:23-cv-00285. Fill out the attached form to contact Shub & Johns LLC today! Continue reading to learn more.

Data Breach at Community Health Systems, Inc.

Around mid-March 2023, Community Health Systems, Inc. (CHS), a Tennessee-based healthcare organization, began notifying patients and clients that their information was involved in a data breach that exposed personal identification information and private health information. The data breach occurred between January 28 through January 30, 2023, with CHS finding out about the breach on February 2, 2023.

Once CHS learned of the data breach, the company began its own investigation of the potentially impacted data resulting from the security incident on third-party’s servers. CHS discovered that approximately 1.1 million individuals’ information was affected, including patients, employees, and affiliated individuals or family members of those patients and employees.

Information such as full names, dates of birth, addresses, Social Security numbers, diagnoses, medication, and potentially much more has been exposed.

Community Health Systems Lawsuit

On April 17, 2023, Shub & Johns LLC and its co-counsel filed a class action lawsuit against Community Health Systems for the potential impact that the data breach could have or has already had on affected individuals.

On May 19, 2023, a Tennessee court granted the Plaintiffs’ motion to consolidate all matters against CHS related to the data security incident. Shub & Johns Partner Benjamin F. Johns was appointed interim co-lead counsel on the case.

Plaintiffs’ Counsel plan to file a Consolidated Amended Complaint on or before June 18, 2023, and want to hear from these affected individuals who were affected by the data breach.

Shub & Johns Partner, Benjamin F. Johns, pictured. Text: Benjamin F. Johns appointed interim co-lead counsel
Data Breach

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View the Judge’s Order granting Consolidation and appointing lead counsel below: