Home Heating Oil Variable Rates- Are You Getting Scammed?

Recently, Shub Law has been investigating claims that home heating oil companies have been taking advantage of their customers and increasing the prices of their home heating oil without either notifying them of the price change or giving them notice as to what the price change may be. Customers sign contracts for a capped price, but that price soon changes without their knowledge in a “variable rate.” This is bad faith dealing and a breach of contract, and Shub Law is already in litigation against at least one home heating oil company alleged to be carrying on this practice. 

In homes that use oil as the source of heat, it is important to do your own research. Know that there are some options in choosing a company that will provide oil to your home and will not overcharge you in the process. The first thing to note is that there are no general differences in heating oil companies other than the possibility of getting a better deal or saving offers from company to company. In the Northeast, heating oil prices are generally in the $3.40 range.

Some oil companies will offer a better deal for heating oil up-front and use that to get you to choose their company to heat your home. They may be hiding just how far your rate may be hiked up when their initial price ends. When choosing a home heating oil company, it is imperative that you choose one that is reputable – one that many people use or otherwise has good reviews or a good reputation. Looking at reviews from real customers allows you to get a feel for the company and the type of service you should expect from them. 

Many customers get overcharged once their home heating oil company flips them to a “variable rate” plan, and they often do not know that this occurred. Additionally, customers may not know all of what their contract says or may not closely monitor the amounts of home heating oil going into their tank on a regular basis or the price per gallon of that home heating oil. Keeping track your usual home heating oil price per gallon and comparing it with older deliveries or even friends and family that use other companies can assist in not getting overcharged by your home heating oil company. Although home heating oil prices are on the rise nationally, it is important to make note of any changes in price, and if you see something strange, contact your company first to get to the bottom of things. If that doesn’t work, contact our office today. Shub Law firm is in the business of helping the “little guy” and has fought the overcharging practices of energy companies for years – we’re here to help you, too. Call us today at (856) 772-7200 or email us at leads@shublawyers.com.


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