New FCC Rule Protects Consumers From Unwanted Robocalls

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It can be extremely frustrating to receive unwanted texts and calls from businesses that are overly eager to sell you something. 

If you’ve ever dealt with this headache, it may have been the result of what’s known as “lead generation.” 

Lead generation works like this: Imagine you’ve been looking to purchase auto insurance, so you visit a website that aggregates and compares the offerings of different auto insurers. The website asks for your consent to be contacted with further information, and you provide your consent and your phone number, figuring that it might prove helpful in your search for the best insurance plan. 

But what you aren’t told is that “lead generators” will now sell your contact information to a huge number of insurance companies. What you hoped would be just one or two future calls/texts from the aggregator you first used has now become an overwhelming wave of calls from individual insurers.

Thankfully, to protect consumers from this nightmare scenario, the Federal Communications Commision (FCC) recently voted to place significant restrictions on the practice of lead generation. 

These restrictions will take effect in six months. At that point, lead generators will only be allowed to share your contact information with a single business. It will no longer be legal for lead generators to share your contact information with dozens, hundreds, or thousands of competing sellers without your express consent to be contacted by each one. 

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