Be Wary – Your Cosmetics May Have Harmful Chemicals 

Often times when searching for a new hair or skin product, we jump at the one that smells the best or comes at an affordable price. What often doesn’t happen in purchasing these products is looking at the back of the label and really reading what ingredients are listed in these products. Many of the products that are on the shelf today can contain one or more harmful or damaging ingredients than a consumer may realize. 

The ingredients in question are ones that claim to leave your hair shiny, smooth, and bouncy, but they have long-term effects that end up ruining your hair, among other things. There are skin and cosmetic products that are said to leave your skin looking fresh and give a ‘lightweight finish,’ while damaging your pores and protective layers on your skin. Many people do not think that major companies will create products using chemicals that may cause added health risks, but more often than not, those companies choose the cheaper option over the safer one. Here is a brief list of ingredients in both hair and skin products to mindful of during your next shopping trip: 

  • Sulfates- While cleaning the surface of your hair from dirt, it is used as a lathering agent in shampoos. It can cause allergic reactions to the scalp and may cause frizzy hair while also being a hormonal disruptor when used for prolonged periods. Sulfates are harmful aquatic species and the environment. 
  • Parabens– This chemical is used in hair and skin products and acts as an artificial preservative in products since the 1920s. Like sulfates, it disrupts hormones in the body and can affect fertility and reproductive organs in both men. Parabens found in skin products often lead to serious skin irritation and damage to the scalp. 
  • Fragrance– Found in nearly everything from shampoo to detergents, fragrance is referred to as an umbrella term for more than 100 chemical ingredients that make up one scent. The main problem with this chemical is that it is unknown what exactly makes up its identity. the chemicals in it are additives that could contain endocrine disruptors, developmental toxins, neurotoxins, and more that we are unaware of. 

There are more than these ingredients to avoid while selecting products, the ones listed are the most commonly used and harmful products to your hair and skin. It is important to know what chemicals you may be allergic to, and if you think something may be amiss you may want to consult your doctor or dermatologist. And of course, if these products do not disclose the risk of a chemical you believe you’ve been harmed by, contact us today! Call Shub Law Firm at (856) 772-7200 or email us at


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