Xreal Air 2 Glasses potentially sold with Defective Lenses

glasses focused on an augmented view of trees.

Shub & Johns launches investigation into Xreal, a company aiming to develop augmented reality equipment such as eyewear, after consumers take to online forums to voice concerns about the Xreal Air 2. Some owners of the product have indicated that Xreal has manufactured the product with inconsistencies in the polarization angles of the glasses’ lenses.

In eyewear, polarized lenses are meant to reduce light glare or eyestrain, such as with sunglasses, blue-light glasses, and safety goggles. This polarization allows eyes to comfortably view a computer screen or do activities when the sun may be bright. When the polarization angles are different in a glasses’ lenses, it can lead to additional discomfort in one eyes or both, possibly causing additional distractions.

Consumers need to be aware of this potential manufacturing defect. Polarized glasses are meant to make staring at a screen more durable and comfortable. Xreal manufactures and sells glasses meant for augmented reality use – potentially encouraging users to be looking at their screens for longer periods of time. This defect can therefore lead users and consumers to have unwanted discomfort and eyestrains from the inconsistent polarization of the product.

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