Xponential Fitness Potentially Misleading Investors of Profitability

two woman stretching in a pilates class.Shub & Johns launches investigation into Xponential Fitness, Inc. after a 2023 investigation conducted by Fuzzy Panda Research reported on allegations that the fitness company and its CEO, Anthony Geisler, were misleading investors of the company’s financial health.

Xponential Fitness is a major fitness franchise comprised of an array of boutique fitness brands such as CycleBar, Club Pilates, Stretch Lab, Pure Barre, Row House, Yoga Six and Stride Fitness. While some of these fitness brands have become successful in their own regard, the report issues by Fuzzy Panda Research revealed unsettling history with the company’s CEO, as well as potential current allegations regarding the Xponential Fitness’s finances.

CEO of Xponential Fitness, Anthony Geisler, had previously been accused of being dishonest with investors and franchisees and participating in scams and illegal business practices. Most notably, Geisler was involved in a lawsuit with LA Boxing that deemed the CEO as unscrupulous. His history does not bode well for the current allegations the company faces of its failing franchises.

Xponential claimed in 2022 that the company never resorted to closing a studio, but records indicate that at least thirty Xponential stores have permanently closed. This not only calls into question Xponential’s transparency with its investors and franchisees who devote funds to what they believe to be a successful business practice, but it also provides uncertainty into the company’s financials. Are Xponential and Geisler inflating the financial health of the company, putting investors at risk?

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