Wyze Security Camera Incident may lead to Privacy Violations

someone looking through a peep hole

Shub & Johns LLC opens investigation ino Wyze after some consumers and users of Wzye security cameras unknowingly accessed other users’ security footage through the Wyze web portal. Wyze’s minimal response on the incident and prior issues with security practices, may point to wider privacy concerns surrounding Wyze.

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A recent Wirecutter report uncovers the worries many consumers may have around their Wyze security cameras. In early September, a Wyze camera customer logged onto Wyze’s web portal to access their security footage but they were not able to see their own camera’s footage. Instead, the user was given access to another user’s footage, displaying the inside of their house. The user took to reddit to voice his concerns. It was not just one user, however. Multiple users have claimed to have gained access to other users’ camera footage, making users uncomfortable on either side.

Users and consumers believe that Wyze has been acting irresponsibly towards its customers, having only reached out to the affected consumers and making a post on its user-to-user forum. Wyze has neglected to reach out to customers on a personal and widespread basis, nor has it provided many details on the incident itself and what it will be doing moving forward. Wyze has indicated that the incident is small scale, but many are worried that it may be much larger than expected.

Consumers may now be worried for their privacy moving forward, especially given Wyze’s past. In one 2022 study,  it was discovered that Wyze took three years to address security vulnerabilities that affected different models of their cameras. Wyze had even instructed users to stop using the first generation of Wyze cameras as it brought about an increased risk of vulnerability, but this came long after the vulnerability was initially discovered. With prior issues concerning security and privacy procedures, users may become more wary of their use of Wyze’s security cameras.

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