Whirlpool Dishwashers Potentially Equipped with defective water intake valve

loaded dishwasher

Shub & Johns LLC launches investigation into Whirlpool dishwasher models potentially equipped with a defective water inlet valve. Consumers have taken to online forums to voice their concerns with Whirlpool dishwashers, indicating that the dishwashers are not taking in water due to the allegedly faulty intake valve design, rendering the appliances useless.

Dishwashers aren’t equipped with their own water, rather these appliances need to be properly and securely screwed into a water outlet hooked up to the home’s water system. Dishwasher manufacturers, like Whirlpool, should be completely aware of this, which makes the possibility of Whirlpool dishwashers being equipped with faulty water intake valves more of a concern. These dishwashers’ intake valves reportedly do not allow the dishwashers to take in water, meaning that dishwashers aren’t able to wash dishes.

Many modern kitchens are equipped with dishwashers with some homeowners relying on the appliance to thoroughly wash and sanitize their dirty dishes while efficiently reducing water use. Using a dishwasher also saves homeowners money and time in the long run. But an allegedly defective appliance can not only impact the amount of time a homeowner spends in their kitchen cleaning, it also may put them out a lot of money.

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