Wells Fargo Center Renovations Leads to Removal of Commemorative Bricks

Renovations in a buildingShub & Johns launches investigation into the Wells Fargo Center on behalf of upset fans and Philadelphia locals who may have been blindsided by the Center’s decision to remove commemorative bricks from Arena amid renovations. Fans and locals may be concerned what might happen to their brick after renovations are completed, and what the Wells Fargo Center’s plan is to preserve the history that these bricks carry with them.

The Wells Fargo Center has a rich 30 year history, sporting different names over the years. And as old as the Center itself, bricks marketed as “rocks of immortality  were sold to fans of the Philadelphia Flyers and 76ers, as well as Philadelphia locals, preserving their own history alongside the history of the Center. For $75 fans and locals could purchase a commemorative brick, memorializing themselves or loved ones, that would be placed along the a couple of the arena’s entrances. Now, brick-purchasers may be worried that their own little part of history may be done away with, if not already.

Recently, a spokesperson for the Wells Fargo Center publicly stated that these commemorative bricks were being torn up and taken away as early as 2019 and will all be removed within the coming weeks in late 2023. Some bricks, the spokesperson indicated, were being removed due to wear and tear while others were being removed as part of ongoing renovations made by the arena. The spokesperson also said that the bricks will be a part of a new display, but the plans for this display have not yet been determined. This concerns fans who paid for these commemorative bricks, worried that they may not know what comes of their pieces of arena history.

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