Vesync Remove True HEPA Claim from Levoit Air Purifiers and Filters

air purifierShub & Johns launches investigation into Vesync after a report made by the National Advertising Division of the Better Business Bureau (“NAD”) indicated that Vesync had discontinued claims for some of its Levoit HEPA air purifiers. Consumers may be rightfully concerned if their “True HEPA” air purifiers ever passed HEPA standards prior to purchase.

Many consumers feel misled by news that Vesync removed the “True HEPA” guarantees from the marketing of its Levoit air purifiers and replacement filters. The removal of the claims followed a challenge from Vesync’s competitor, Dyson, Inc., indicating that the Levoit air purifiers did not meet HEPA standards as the products claimed. Though Vesync indicated that its removal of the claim was not in response to the recent challenge by Dyson, the decision to discontinue these claims on the air purifiers may mean that Vesync potentially misled consumers into purchasing its products by guaranteeing a certain protection.

Affected air purifiers include but may not be limited to:

  • Levoit EverestAir Smart True HEPA
  • Levoit Core 300 True HEPA
  • Levoit Core 300S True HEPA

Did you purchase a Levoit air purifier and/or replacement filters from Vesync based on its True HEPA claims and now feel misled? Let us know! Fill out the attached form and join the Shub & Johns investigation today.

Vesync True HEPA Intake Form

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