Toyota Potentially Misleading Consumers with EV Deceptive Advertising

toyota vehicle

Shub & Johns is looking into complaints that the Toyota Motor Corporation is engaging in deceptive advertising. Specifically, Toyota appears to be marketing some of its models as electric vehicles (EVs), when in fact, these cars are gasoline-powered. 

In a recent advertising campaign, Toyota used terms like “electrified” and “EV” to describe models that cannot reasonably or honestly be characterized that way, such as the Tundra Hybrid, Sienna Hybrid, and Prius. Toyota’s use of language like “electrified” and “EV” to describe these models is misleading because these models come equipped with gasoline tanks and internal combustion engines, whereas true EVs use batteries and electric motors. 

Toyota’s advertising campaign may deceive consumers into believing they are purchasing a car that is efficient, environmentally-friendly, and cutting edge. 

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