Tesla Vehicles may have Shorter Driving Ranges than Advertised

Shub & Johns LLC opens an investigation into Tesla, after some consumers began to complain about potential issues, allegedly claiming that the screens on the dashboards that showed how much charge was left before needing a recharge was inaccurate, and drivers needed to recharge the battery way before the reported 353 mile range on full charge as advertised. Many consumers reported that the Tesla battery would not last even half of that while driving. Years after these complaints persisted, Tesla created a special department that canceled owners’ service appointments, specifically for complaints regarding driving ranges by customers.

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Thousands of Tesla customers have complained that the Tesla driving range is not what it is advertised to be and that Tesla was aggressively overestimating the range of its vehicles. Customers would often call up Tesla to service their vehicles which would in affect cost Tesla $1000 per visit. To get around this, employees would allegedly celebrate canceling service appointments by putting their phones on mute and striking a metal xylophone, triggering applause from coworkers who sometimes stood on desks. The team often closed hundreds of cases a week and staffers were tracked on their average number of diverted appointments per day. These alleged nefarious tactics have saved Tesla a significant amount of money.


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