Subaru Recalls over Half a Million Ascent Vehicles due to Fire Risk

A totaled car is lit up with flames on the side of the road.

Over 270,000 Subaru Ascent vehicles were recalled after Subaru received reports of production-related defects creating a fire risk. Only two fires have been reported by consumers so far, and while there have not been any crashes or injuries as of yet, the issue remains that the vehicle can catch on fire!

Owners of affected vehicles are being advised to monitor their vehicle from safe enough distances. Drivers should park their vehicle outside, away from garages and other vehicles, and avoid leaving the vehicle unattended if it’s still running… but the last thing Subaru owners want to do is baby-sit their vehicle!

If you own or drive a 2019-2022 Subaru Ascent and have been issued a recall notice, and are perhaps worried over the safety of your vehicle, fill out the form below to contact Shub Law today.

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