Sonos Roam Speakers Potentially Equipped with Battery Defect

portable speaker on a window sill.Shub & Johns launches investigation into Sonos after consumers voice their opinions and concerns regarding the Sonos Roam Speaker for battery issues with the device.

Several consumers have issues their complaints for the relatively expensive portable smart speaker after many indicate that the Sonos Roam device’s battery is equipped with potential defects that impact the life span of the battery. Namely, consumers have indicated that the battery may fail prematurely or even containing a shorter life span than advertised.

Consumers understandably feel led astray. The Sonos Roam is advertised to last 10 hours without being charged. Not only are some consumers indicating that the device won’t work after a couple hours of use or if not plugged in, but the potential premature battery failure may cause the device to stop working entirely after only a year.

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Sonos Roam Battery Defect Intake Form

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