Shub Law Firm Investigates Volvo Cars with Defective Sesnus Connect 

Shub Law is investigating claims against Volvo Cars of North America for allegedly selling vehicles with defective “Sensus Connect” infotainment systems for Apple users. 

Volvo Cars of North America (“Volvo”) is a company that manufactures automobiles. Since 2014, Volvo has equipped each new vehicle with Sensus Connect, an infotainment system that allows for the delivery of entertainment and information to drivers via audio/video interfaces, built-in touchscreens, and smart phone compatibility.

Volvo claims that Apple iPhone users are able to connect their phones to their vehicle through Sensus Connect, thus having the ability to use Apple CarPlay. With this, users are allowed to use their Volvo and iPhone for navigation, music play, and hands-free operation of their iPhone. 

However, Apple iPhone users are facing issues with Sensus Connect. The Sensus Connect is often plagued with glitches and malfunctions, rendering the system to freeze up and not respond while the vehicle tries to use Apple approved apps for CarPlay. This causes safety risks to the operators of the vehicle, as well as passengers and other drivers on the road. Volvo’s failure to ensure the correct operation or integration of Sensus Connect with Apple CarPlay into their vehicles brings about safety risks, user frustration, and a loss of being able to use the features as promised by Volvo.


If you are a present or previous Volvo owner and have experienced faults with your Sensus Connect with Apple CarPlay, please contact Shub Law Firm email at or give us a call at (856) 772-7200 for a free consultation. Shub Law Firm is a national leader in representing consumers, just like you, against some of the nation’s largest companies. Contact us today!


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