Nvidia Corporate underwent a cyberattack that led to a leak of employee credentials along with some company proprietary information. In reflection of current events, Nvidia also stated that the cyber attack does not relate to Russia’s war on Ukraine.

Nvidia spokesperson made a statement saying, “we have no evidence of ransomware being deployed on the Nvidia environment or that this is related to the Russia-Ukraine conflict… However, we are aware that the threat actor took employee credentials and some Nvidia proprietary information from our systems and has begun leaking it online.” 

The massive tech company became aware of a cybersecurity incident on February 23rd. Shortly following the attack, Nvidia said, it further hardened its network. While the company did not provide any further details on the scope of the attack, they did state their team is working to analyze the information that has been leaked online thus far. 

This cyber attack on Nvidia is not the first, it comes on the heels of a record-breaking year in cyber-related incidents. In 2021, the reported number of data breaches jumped 68% year over year to its highest total ever. US intelligence agencies determines that in 2021, Russia was behind a massive cyberattack on Texas-based SolarWinds – software that is widely used by the federal government, railroads, hospitals, and other major tech companies.

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