Schools could take Action against Social Media for alleged Harm to Students

Shub & Johns LLC opens investigation into social media platforms and their apps, after some consumers complain about potential issues, allegedly claiming that the social media companies’ apps cause classroom disciplinary problems and mental-health issues, diverting resources from education. School officials state that teachers allegedly waste valuable time trying to mitigate these issues which are passed onto kids in classrooms such as adding new training and school policies around social-media use, and counseling youths whose addiction to online apps is leading to anxiety, depression or suicidal thoughts. Obviously it seems that these social media problems are not unique to kids of this school and are common throughout the country.

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Social media companies have relied on making content as quick and addictive as possible to keep consumers using it. This quick and addictive content is especially effective on youth in schools. In the new ongoing lawsuits, school districts and families contend that the social-media companies have created an addictive product that pushes destructive content to youth—and that a product, unlike content, doesn’t enjoy Section 230 protections which these companies use as a defense. Protecting kids from these apparent and addictive dangers is a major public policy.

Some of the most commonly used social media apps that caused these alleged harms include but are not limited to Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube. There are over 13,000 school districts in the US and the amount of plaintiffs joining this case is likely to increase.


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