Shub Law investigates Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Models Overheating

The team at Shub Law is investigating user and customer complaints that their Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is overheating when on speaker mode, disrupting calls and going dormant while it cools down. Despite its ability to receive calls and play music like a cell phone, its default speaker feature may be causing the watch to overheat and therefore lose all functionality while the watch is in cooldown mode.

Customers that frequently visit forums cite a similar issue with the Galaxy Watch 4, and are frustrated that the 5 is supposedly going through the same issue. Given that the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro’s primary method of playing sound is through its speaker, consumers believe that the watch should not be having this issue.

Do you own a Samsung Watch Pro 5? Are you experiencing similar issues with overheating? Join the investigation by completing this form and tell Shub Law your story today.

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