Samsung Galaxy Book Pro2 360 Cracked Screens Frustrate Consumers

Shub Law investigates Galaxy Book Pro2 360 Laptops as user complaints indicate laptop screens may be cracking seemingly out of nowhere. Laptops are meant to be portable and durable. When purchasing a laptop, many consumers choose options that are meant to last. Big brand names such as Samsung often guide consumers in their search for the laptop that’s right for them. But when it comes to the Galaxy Book Pro2 360’s allegedly defective screens, many have started to regret their purchase.

Consumers have taken to forums asking Samsung to acknowledge the supposed screen issue on Galaxy Book Pro 360 Laptops. Even though most users handle their devices with care, many still claim to have found cracks on the screens of their devices at unexpected times or moments. Though the products’ screens crack without an indication as to how, some users’ warranties won’t cover any repairs.

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