Samsung French Door Refrigerator Flex Zone Investigation

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Shub & Johns launches investigation into Samsung after consumers report that some French Door refrigerators equipped with a Flex Zone compartment are experiencing issues with a cable that if damaged disrupts the functionality of the fridge.

Consumers of Samsung refrigerators may be experiencing issues with the cable located at the back of flex zone compartments. Consumers have claimed that this cable may be easily damaged, and if damaged can lead to additional issues with the functionality of the fridge. Namely, if the cable is damaged, it can lead to issues with properly opening and closing the flex zone, potentially rendering the flex zone inoperable. This potential defect can also damage the usability of the light bulb for the freezer located below the flex zone, as well as disrupt temperature control.

In contacting Samsung, users have reported that this cable is not currently in stock and is on back order for approximately six months. Thousands of individuals are possibly waiting for this cable part to come back in stock in order for their fridge to work properly again.

Do you own a Samsung French Door Refrigerator with a Flex Zone? Are you experiencing a similar issue concerning the flex zone cable? Let us know! Fill out the attached form and join the Shub & Johns investigation today.

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