Be Wary of Rent-to-Own Companies’ Deceptive Practices

person signing a contract.

Shub & Johns invesitgates Rent-to-Own Companies

Shub & Johns launches investigation against rent-to-own companies that are misleading renters and homeowners across the US by engaging in potentially deceptive practices that may be violating several laws across the States.

Some rent-to-own companies may use predatory tactics, such as deceptive financing agreements, targeting low-income individuals or families, and other scheming advertising ploys to deceive renters and buyers. Some rent-to-own companies may be out-right violating consumer protection laws by having financial agreements signed on behalf of the consumers without their consent or approval, or even advertising certain rent-to-own agreements as something appealing to the consumer only to rearrange the definitions of the contract after it has been signed.

These predatory tactics are not only hurting everyday consumers’ financial statuses, they can also be violating numerous consumer protection laws and statutes. The Pennsylvania Attorney General has agreed to an $11 million Settlement with a Fintech company for this kind of conduct.

Have you entered into a rent-to-own agreement or contract that was misleading? If a company has used a deceptive practice to get you to sign an agreement, or has signed a contract without your consent, let us know! Fill out the attached form to get in contact with the Shub & Johns team today!

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