Purple Mattress GelFlex Grid Sagging and Deterioration Investigation

Shub & Johns launches investigation into Purple Innovation, the grid-based-mattress company,  after consumers report concerns with the durability of the patented GelFlex Grid layer of Purple’s mattresses.

woman laying on mattress, face down.

When consumers discuss their go-to mattress, the discussion often-times pits the memory foam mattress against the box spring mattress. Purple has thrown their hat into the ring with their patented Purple GelFlex Grid mattresses that claim to compete with memory foam mattresses by offering support, comfort, and pressure relief. Purple’s GelFlex Grid is a hyper-elastic polymer that is meant to provide a cushioned, supportive experience that does not disrupt your sleep. But with the novelty of the mattresses, many consumers may be concerned with the durability of the mattresses’ Purple GelFlex Grid layer.

Some consumers have reported that the Purple GelFlex Grid may cause the mattress to be more prone to sagging. Others have reported that the Purple Grid layer may deteriorate over time, which may lead to additional sagging or discomfort by exposing the consumer to layers of the mattress below the GelFlex Grid. Depending on the mattress type, this can lead consumers to feel the coils beneath the Purple Grid, which would not only disrupt sleep, but reduce comfort and support as well.

With how saturated the mattress industry is, a new type of mattress can sound enticing. But consumers should not have to spend about a significant amount for a mattress that may have durability issues.

Have you purchased a Purple Mattress? Have you experienced issues with the mattress sagging or its GelFlex Grid deteriorating? Let us know! Fill out the attached form and join the Shub & Johns investigation today.

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