Streaming Giant Prime May Remove Access to Titles Consumers Already Paid For

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Shub & Johns launches investigation to some streaming companies, like Prime, after consumers take to online forums to voice their concerns that these companies may eventually remove consumers’ access to watch movies and television shows purchased on their platform.

Though some companies offer free-to-watch movies and television series with a paid subscription to its streaming service, some streaming platforms like Amazon Prime offer additional films and series for an additional purchase price. Many consumers reasonably understand that they now own the movie and can watch it at their leisure whenever or wherever they want as long as they can access the streaming service. But what if the streaming platform removes the movie or series from their platform. Not only does the consumer lose access to view the movie or series, but that also means that they paid a cost to own a movie that they no longer have access to.

Paying to own a digital product only available on a streaming platform that can be taken away from consumers at a company’s whim without further access can leave many individuals not just out of movies and tv shows, but out of a lot of money already spent as well – especially if someone has paid for several digital products.

Have you been affected? Have you purchased a movie or tv show and then lost access to it? Let us know! Fill out the attached form and join the Shub & Johns investigation today!

Removal of Streaming Access Intake Form

Have you been affected?
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