Highly Caffeinated Prime Energy Drinks Potentially Risk Young Consumer Safety

Shub & Johns LLC opens an investigation into claims against the Prime Energy Drink, an energy drink promoted by popular youtubers KSI and Logan Paul. It is alleged that KSI and Logan Paul are promoting the drink towards children and young individuals despite its high caffeine content. The caffeinated version of the drink possesses a nearly identical look to the non-caffeinated version and has approximately 200mg of caffeine per can – much higher than most energy drinks. Despite a message on the can stating that the energy drink is not recommended for children under the age of 18, many parents may have unknowingly purchased the highly caffeinated drink for their kids.

Fight back against Prime Energy

Prime Energy’s alleged advertising practices are wrong and harmful. Consumer laws throughout the nation protect against a company that advertises potentially harmful or deceptive products toward underage individuals.

The attorneys at Shub & Johns are here to help consumers fight back against companies who commit wrongful practices like Prime Energy Drinks. We protect consumers against companies that scam customers in order to increase their profits. Let’s fight back!

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