On or around February 2023, the National Advertising Division (NAD) of the Better Business Bureau reviewed Pier 1’s subscription rewards program, recommending that the company provide clearer disclosures of the automatic renewal program.

The NAD analyzed the Pier 1 Rewards Program, a subscription-based customer loyalty program wherein customers are charged a recurring monthly or annual fee. The membership gives customer’s a 10% discount sitewide as well as both free shipping and returns on eligible items. According to the NAD, when consumers add an item to their cart on the Pier 1 website, the Pier 1 Rewards subscription is automatically added to their cart as a pre-checked button appearing immediately next to the Pier 1 Rewards logo. Reportedly, a consumer must affirmatively uncheck the Pier 1 Rewards membership that is added to the cart to remove it and not incur the additional membership fee.

NAD reported two issues with the Pier 1 website: (1) whether advertising a reduced price for a product is misleading if it reflects a 10% discount that is available only with a subscription to Pier 1 Rewards and (2) whether the material terms and conditions of the Pier 1 Rewards subscription were clearly and conspicuously disclosed before the consumer made a purchasing decision. NAD recommended that the company clearly and conspicuously disclose the material terms of Pier 1 Rewards at the time the item is added to the cart.

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