Olaplex Shampoo False Advertising May Lead to Hair Loss

Shub Law Investigates false Olaplex Hair Care claims

Olaplex markets and advertises its hair care products, including shampoos, conditioners and oils as restorative. It’s meant to heal damaged and compromised scalps while creating “healthy, beautiful, shiny, touchable hair,” and that results are “proven by science.” But as many consumers had to find out the hard way, these claims may be false.

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Olaplex products Could damage hair

Consumer complaints indicate that the product may be damaging their hair even more, potentially leading to hair loss, inflammation of the scalp, and even forms of dermatitis. Though Olaplex may have its consumers believe that hair shedding is a part of life, many consumers who use the product can’t help but connect the dots.

Olaplex may be relying on False Advertising to make profit

Despite the issues consumers are facing with Olaplex products, the company has marketed the product as, not only safe but, revitalizing to use. Olaplex uses celebrities and influencers to promote these products and encourage consumers to buy the same products their favorite Hollywood Stars use. But Olaplex may not be disclosing all necessary information customers might want before a purchase is made.

Olaplex may still be selling and distributing products that contain lilial. Lilial is a chemical compound often found in cosmetic products, but there has been some controversy around the compound as it may lead to fertility complications. Though Olaplex has removed lilial from the ingredient list of their products in 2021, manufacturing of products with lilial may have continued through February 2022. There may still be some of those bottles in circulation.

While Olaplex advertises its products as healthy and backed-by science, consumers are starting to become wary of what they’re actually putting in their hair – especially since Olaplex has not shared these scientific findings.

If you purchased an Olaplex Product (shampoo, conditioner, oils) and believe you were misled by its advertising, share your concerns with Jonathan Shub and his team. Fill out the form today.