Nissan and Infiniti Vehicles potentially equipped with Cooling Fan Defect

mechanic looks at the batter of the vehicle.

Shub & Johns launches investigation into Nissan and Infiniti after some consumers report issues with the engine cooling fan in certain Nissan Pathfinder and Infiniti QX60 models. Drivers take to online forums to voice their concerns with the potential cooling fan defect that may lead to unreasonable safety risks.

Consumers have reportedly experienced issues with the engine cooling fan that causes the fan to potentially fail or malfunction. The defect can lead to loud rattling noises coming from the front engine of the vehicle and may even lead to engine failure or overheating. These issues can lead to unexpected and unreasonable safety risks for drivers, including stranding them on the road, distracting and worrying drivers of the safety of their vehicle, and may even render the functionality of the vehicle unusable.

Consumers impacted by the cooling fan defect may not only have to deal with the potential safety risks that come with the vehicle, but may be left to deal with repairs for the vehicle’s engine or cooling fan as well. For some, repairs for these manufacturing issues can cost thousands of dollars – consumers should not have to deal with manufacturing issues and defects. The Shub & Johns investigation is currently looking into 2013 through 2017 Nissan Pathfinders or 2014 through 2017 Infiniti QX60s, but may open its investigation to include newer vehicle models.

Do you own a Nissan Pathfinder or Infiniti QX60? Are you dealing with a similar cooling fan defect? Fill out the attached form to join the Shub & Johns investigation today!

Nissan Infiniti Cooling Fan Intake Form