Nissan Armada and Infiniti Vehicles Experience Battery Drain Issues

Mechanic working on the underside of a vehicle.

Shub & Johns launches investigation into the Nissan Armada and certain Infiniti vehicles, such as the 2019-2021 Infiniti QX80, after consumers and drivers report that the battery of these vehicles may be draining at a quicker rate than normal. Owners and lessees have taken to online forums to voice their concerns with the malfunctions with their vehicle and the possible safety risks this poses.

Many owners and drivers the Nissan Armada and the Infiniti QX80 are waking up to their vehicles’ batteries losing charge. In some instances, battery drains were suspected to have been caused by issues from over-the-air software updates for these technologically equipped vehicles. However, an increase in these batter drain issues drives consumers to wonder what may really be causing this.

Whether these issues are as result of errors with over-the-air software updates for entertainment systems or standard manufacturing malfunctions, it is up to the dealership or the manufacturer to address these issues at large.

Vehicle Owners have a right to worry about their battery dying. Many individuals rely on driving their vehicle to get to their job, travel to events, and in emergency cases, rely on their vehicles to visit the doctor. If these drivers are economically impacted by the manufacturer’s negligence, they may be able to bring claims against them.

Do you own a 2019 – 2021 Infiniti QX80 or a Nissan Armada experiencing battery drainage issues? Contact Shub and Johns today to join the investigation by filling out the attached form and letting us know your concerns!

Nissan Armada/Infiniti QX80 Battery Drainage Intake Form