Mercedes-Benz Vehicles potentially Sold with Defective Navigation Systems

center console touch screen of a vehicle with the GPS on.Shub & Johns LLC opens investigation into Mercedes and their Navigation Systems in Mercedes Benz vehicles, after some consumers complain about potential issues, allegedly claiming that the navigation system has problems that allegedly take drivers to the wrong destinations. Further it is alleged that Mercedes Benz refuses to honor its warranty obligations regarding the navigation systems.

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The Mercedes Benz is a German automotive luxury brand of vehicles that range from sedans all the way to coupes and even SUV’s. The navigation system is found on a touchscreen of around twelve inches in size and carries out important functions like: the ability to view multimedia content on your computer screen, access to many setting options on his car, the ability to synchronize one’s smartphone to begin receiving calls, and most importantly, a GPS navigation system that allegedly does not seem to work.

Allegedly affected Mercedes Benz Navigation System include one of the most commonly reported system defects being the 2021 Mercedes S 560 Coupe.


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Mercedes Defective Navigation Form