Mercedes-Benz Vehicles Prematurely Develop Rust – Shub Law Investigates

Shub Law Firm LLC is investigating a potential class action lawsuit on behalf of consumers who purchased or leased certain Mercedes-Benz vehicles which may contain a defect that causes the rear subframe and related components to prematurely rust and corrode. A subframe is the mount structure for various components on a vehicle. When this material is subject to rust or corrosion it weakens the metal frame and can pose a potentially serious safety risk. Moreover, replacing or fixing a rusted subframe is a labor-intensive repair that can cost upwards of several thousand dollars. The alleged defect affects tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. It has been alleged that Mercedes was aware of the defect for several years by virtue of numerous complaints made about this issue.

If you purchased or leased one of the Mercedes models below and had rust or excessive corrosion on its subframe, the lawyers at Shub Law would like to hear from you.
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  • 2010-2022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class,
  • 2010-2022 Mercedes-Benz E-Class,
  • 2010-2015 Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class,
  • 2010-2022 Mercedes-Benz G-Class,
  • 2010-2022 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class,
  • 2010- 2020 Mercedes-Benz SLK/SLC-Class, and
  • 2010-2022 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class
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